Spring boot provides one interface — CommandLineRunner.
Command line runner is used to run something when application is fully started.
It provides access to application arguments as String array.

As per definition — “CommandLineRunner is an interface used to indicate that a bean should run when it is contained within…

Most of the developers very often transfer the data over network or store the data into persistent storage.
Data Format defines in which way data is being transferred or stored so that receive can parse it in its applicable way.

CSV, XML, JSON etc are widely used data format for…

Mulesoft has the concept of Typed Value.
Typed Value represents the data-type of object which comprises of data itself and its associated MIME type (i.e. application/json, application/xml etc.).

I am defining two use case here -

  1. When consuming payload — As per documentation of Mulesoft ,

A common use case…

Often developers get confused between Accept header and Content-type header because both are used to specify Media type.
The difference lies between entity for which they represent Media type and nature of indication.
Lets dive little in it -

Accept Header

  • It is request type HTTP Header means only an HTTP request…

During our code experiment, we usually use some or all of the OOPS paradigm sometimes knowingly or sometimes unknowingly. Terms like association, inheritance, aggregation, composition sometimes seems confusing. So, here comes there definition, difference and impact of usage.

There is very small difference between the two syntactically but programmatically it…

Usually these types of images welcome our morning now-a-days.

Recently, I have started one more thing- a morning walk for 20 minutes.

Mornings are meant to be refreshing and full of energy but for me its again like keep dumping the expectations of surroundings and your own, to the mind.

Kritika gupta

Fertile minded Web Application Developer . Love to explore JavaScript,Angular,Java and looking to increase work productivity. Developer @ Xoriant Solutions

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